– Attack. The Banten Regional Police will implement a flip-flop access system to tourist attractions in Anyer and Carita during the Eid holiday season. This effort is an effort to reduce the spreading of COVID-19.
Director of Traffic Management (Dirlantas) Banten Regional Police, Police Grand Commissioner Rudy Purnomo forecast the number of tourists will increase today after Muslim Friday prayers.

“If you see the density of visitors in Anyer and Carita, we immediately apply contraflow, open and close of the road,” explained Dirlantas.

Dirlantas continued adding, the scheme to open and close routes in the Anyer and Carita areas will be implemented in the morning and afternoon. The system will be applied conditionally by analyzing the density of vehicle traffic flows to the beach.

“Officers at the security post will monitor how crowded it is at the tourist spot. If it exceeds the capacity, then access to tourist attractions will be closed. If the security post has said that the tourist attractions are complete, then I will close the access to the tourist attractions to avoid the tourist crowds, “he concluded.

To anticipate congestion, Polda set up a post and stationed personnel at the three beaches of Anyer and Carita. In addition, a congestion breakdown team is prepared when there is an accumulation of vehicles heading for tours to Anyer-Carita.

“We place it at the prone to traffic jams, unravelled by one way or diversion of currents,” he concluded.

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