The Banten Regional Police has limited access to tourists from Jakarta who enter the Anyer area by tightening security at many Automatic Toll Gates (GTO).

Joint personnel have been alerted to an insulating post at the JLS T-junction or Cilegon City South Ring Road to discourage residents outside Banten from travelling to Anyer.

Chief of Banten Regional Police, Head of PR, Police Grand Commisioner Edy Sumardi, said the blocking activities were carried out to anticipate crowds at tourist locations along Anyer – Cinangka.

In addition, the Banten Regional Police have made efforts such as overturning a Police numbered vehicle outside Banten and closing tourist objects that have been filled till’ 50 per cent.

For information, Banten Governor Wahidin Halim officially issued a circular regarding the temporary closure of all tourist destinations in Jawara Land.

In this circular, Regents and Mayors throughout Banten, tourist attractions were closed for two weeks, starting from 16-30 May 2021.


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