– Boyolali. Central Java Regional Police along with Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), Indonesian National Armed Forces (T.N.I.), Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and Solo Search and Rescue Potensi (Potensi S.A.R. Solo) along with community living near Kedung Ombo, Boyolali District succeeded to evacuate all drowned victims in Kedung Ombo Reservoir Bulu Village RT. 01 R.W. 04 Wonoharjo Sub-District, Kemushu District, Boyolali Regency, Monday (17 May 2021).

Directorate of Water and Air Police Corps (Dirpolairud) Central Java Regional Police, Police Grand Commissioner Raden Setijo Nugroho H.H.P expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in the S.A.R. Operation of Kedung Ombo Reservoir.

“Thank you to all our fellows, Ditpolairud team Central Java Regional Police and the join-team for its hard work to search and rescued all the drowned victims in the Kedung Ombo water transport accident. We hope there is no more accident at all tourist destinations in Central Java,” he mentioned.

At the closing of Search and Rescue Operation, the Head Office of Semarang Search and Rescue Yahya stated, “I hope the synergity and cooperation from diverse agencies of Potsar remain solid as well as the support of Kedung Ombo community.”


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