– Palangkaraya. Ready to secure the returning flow of Eid al-Fitr 1442 H holiday, Central Kalimantan Regional Police held a preparedness rally in Barigas Field of Central Kalimantan Regional Police Headquarters. Monday (17/5/2021) at 07.00 local time.

Chief of Central Kalimantan Regional Police, Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo, directly presiding over the ceremony, followed by Regional Supervisory Inspector, Police Grand Commissioner Imam Prijantoro, prominent officials of Central Kalimantan Regional Police, all personnel of Central Kalimantan Regional Police, and region’s Departmental Police by the virtual medium.

On its ceremonial’s mandate, the Chief of Regional Police asked all personnel at all levels, both Regional and Departmental Police, to be ready and prepared in securing returning wave, mainly in the regencies of Kapuas, East Barito, Lamandau, and Sukamara, which share borders with other provinces.

“The main focus during this security operation is the Covid-19 handling, which is ‘vulnerable’, so we need to take early steps, perhaps in the insulation checkpoints, at the interprovince border to suppress Covid-19 transmission in Central Kalimantan province”, Chief of Regional Police said.

Furthermore, the Chief of Regional Police asks all Regional and Departmental Police personnel to prepare either workforce or infrastructures to anticipate forest fires, considering Central Kalimantan is entering dry season.

“I hope this preparedness (rally) we have conducted from the start can make us more ready and prepared during our duty in the field”, Chief of Regional Police concludes.


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