Inp.polri.goid. Jakarta. Chief of Indonesian National Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo held formal meeting with the Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo along with his staff at the Chief of Indonesian National Police’s meeting room, the Indonesian National Police Headquarter, Jakarta, Monday (05/17/21).

The discussion focussed on several issues related to the strengthening of farming sector such as rice self-sufficiency to ensuring the distribution of fertilizers for farmers.

The Chief of Indonesian National Police emphasized that rice self-sufficiency was Indonesia’s goal. Rice self-sufficiency would not only meet Indonesian’s people needs, but it could be also exported to other countries in need. “The Indonesian National Police is ready to back up the amount of rice harvested by the farmers. With self-sufficiency, export is possible,” as he mentioned on Monday (05/17/21).

Related to subsidize fertilizers, he asked support from the Indonesian Ministry of Farming in terms of distribution data so that it would be easy for the Indonesian National Police to monitor the fertilizer distribution.

“Give us the map so we know the fertilizer distribution. So my officers are able to monitor. If there is something not right in the distribution, we can trace where the root of the problem is. Most important is farmers can get benefit,” as explained by the Chief of Indonesian National Police.
The Indonesian National Police also support the production of domestic soybean by mapping soybean planting land with the expectation that it would increase the domestic production. “We have to prioritize domestic soybean. We need to count (domestic soybean stock) so there will be no scarcity. We do support,” as explained by the Chief of Indonesian Police.

Meanwhile the Minister of Farming Syahrul Yasin Limpo expressed his gratitude to the Bhayangkara Corps for its contribution in maintaining the price stability and food availability. “The nine basic needs (Sembako) are available as the Food Task Force of Indonesian National Police has worked very well,” as explained by the Minister of Agriculture.

The Indonesian Minister of Agriculture also expected the full support of the police to safeguard the farming sector especially the eleven (11) farming commodity priority. In the meeting, also conducted the signing ceremonial of Memorandom of Understanding (MoU) for swallow nest cultivation.


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