– Jakarta. The Chief of Traffic Corps, Indonesian National Police, Police Inspector General Istiono, will divert large three-axis trucks to the arterial route during the Eid 2021 backflow from15-16 May 2021.

Diversion of large three-axis trucks to arterial lines to facilitate backflow. “For three-axle trucks and above that go through toll roads, discretion needs to be exercised by the police to divert three-axle trucks upwards through arterial or non-toll roads starting from Semarang to Jakarta since this afternoon,” said the Chief of Traffic Corps.

In addition, the Police, together with the Covid-19 Task Force or Task Force, have also prepared 109 checkpoints to check all travellers who will enter the Jabodetabek area. The travellers must bring the results of the antigen swab or PCR swab.

A random test will be carried out at the specified location for those who do not bring a letter. “The 109 checkpoints consist of 26 in the rest area and toll gate, then 83 at the national road artery line points, from Java and Sumatra to Jakarta,” explained the Chief.

If the random swab antigen results show positive, then the 2021 Eid Travelers will immediately be referred to the nearest hospital for further treatment.


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