– Jakarta. Chief of Indonesian National Police (Kapolri), Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, spotlighted his Police Traffic Management Corps innovation. The new face of Indonesian Police soon based on the Spirit of technology in 4.0.

Kapolri attracts various innovations that potentially attract society, as mentioned by the chairperson of Jakarta regional leader of Islamic Unity Student Association (Hima Persis) Ilham Nurhidayatullah.

Kapolri extends the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) so that the traffic police will no longer need to issue a ticket. Implementing an electronic ticketing system is considered a breakthrough to cut the potential of derivative violations.

“Thus innovation is the potential to reduce direct contact between an officer and a driver and would reduce crowd, the situation that we need nowadays,” as he explained on Wednesday (12 May 2021).

He then gave an example of technology innovation at Police Traffic Management Corps (Korlantas Polri) called Integrated Road Safety Management System (IRMS), a national database for traffic accident investigation.

Besides, e-Turjawali or activity records officers’ activity based on application and the online service of extending driving license.

“Innovation proposed by Kapolri General Listyo need to appreciate. The use of technology to reduce violation, enforcing the law and supporting all the effectivity is the right step and an achievement,” he said.

For information, nowadays, the role of technology is becoming vital in supporting human activity. The inclusion of technology in the Chief of Indonesian National Police’s 100 days of work priority program is a positive step as it raises the younger generation optimism that there will be reformation in Indonesian National Police.

“Thie is the new face of Indonesian National Police,” he concluded.


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