Celebrated on the same day, the security of 2021 Eid and the commemoration day of Ascension Jesus Christ receive special treatment led by Jakarta’ police.

Chief of Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police, Police Inspector General Muhammad Fadil Imran mentioned that they had anticipated the security for Ascension Jesus Christ’s commemoration day. Several churches in the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan area have been mapped for the security process.

“There have been personnel plotting for the Ascension Jesus Christ’s commemoration day, and there are several churches plotted along with the security for Eid prayer,” as explained by Chief of Metro Jaya Regional Police (13 May 2021).

The two-star general said security is carried out with Indonesian Armed Forces personnel and the Jakarta Metropolitan Government personnel. The operation is focused not only on security but also on ensuring the implementation of health protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On this occasion of Ascension Day of Jesus Christ and Eid, Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police deployed 11,2881 joint personnel who were distributed in 2992 mosques and 16 public areas.


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