–The Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police, Police Inspector General Merdisyam, monitored the insulation posts of 2021 Ketupat Operation at the border of Maros – Bone, Mallawe Sub-District, Maros District, Sunday (16 May 2021).

In the monitoring, he was accompanied by Maros Regent Chaidir Syam, Chief of Maros Resort Police Police Grand Commissioner Attendant Musa Tampubolon, Commander of Maros Military District (Dandim) 1422, lieutenant colonel (Letkol) Inf Budi Rahman and Chairperson of Maros Regional House of Representative Andi Patarai Amir.

The monitoring of the insulation post was conducted to ensure the security and insulation were running smoothly.

“On the third day after 2021 Eid, we monitored the insulation post located at the border of Maros – Bone again. The insulation is carried out to support government regulation of homecoming prohibition,” as explained by the Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Office.

Unlike the previous years, this year, homecoming is prohibited, and the task of the authority is to guard the insulation post located at the border and ensuring homecoming prohibition is obeyed.

“This year, the government prohibits homecoming. It is part of the effort to break the chain of Covid-19 spread in Indonesia. Thus, in 2021 Ketupat Operation, 1422 District Military Command/Maros along with related stakeholders carried out the insulation as a way to prevent people from doing homecoming,” the Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police explained.

Based on the Guard Post’s monitoring, there was a decreasing number of vehicles crossing the border point of insulation post-Maros-Bone.

“Praise to the Lord, the operation can prevent people from doing homecoming, and based on our monitoring at insulation security post (Pos Pam), there is decreasing in the number of crossing vehicles,” as concluded by the Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police.


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