A Smart Aviation airplane, whose carrying two passangers, slipped at Sinak Airport, Puncak Regency, Papua, Tuesday (30/08/2022) at around 13:05 WIT.

The aircraft piloted by Captain Wiyoko Handoko and Co-Pilot Kristiono, who’s taking off from Timika Airport to Sinak carrying building materials and two passengers, are trying to land at the Sinak Airport.

“While landing, the plane suddenly skidded off the runway. There were no fatalities in the slipping accident. The four people in the plane only suffered minimal injuries and have been treated,” said Commissioner Kamal, in a written statement, Tuesday (30/08).

According to him, the slippery runway was highly the cause of the incident

“In that incident, the runway was slippery due to rain, causing the plane skidded and it’s propeller went off,” said Kamal.

The three victims, Wiyoko Handoko (Captain Pilot), Stefi Anggreini, and Apri were evacuated back to Timika using another plane. While one other victim, Kristiono (Co-Pilot) is still being held at Modern Post.

“The incident of did not interfere flight schedules at Sinak Airport. Currently, the plane is still on the edge of the airport and is being guarded by security forces,” he said.

Kombes Kamal added that during the evacuation process the victims were secured by the TNI-POLRI and the Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force. The situation after the incident is under control.

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