To educate the children of Puncak region, the personnel of Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force intensify the Si-Ipar program in Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Wednesday (8/31).

The Regional Coordinator of Puncak Community Development, Ipda Yan A Wambraw, along with the Community Development and Preventive Task Force of Cartenz Peace Ops, taught the children of Kago Village to read and write.

Ipda Yan A Wambraw, said, that the Police, especially the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force, have patiently taught the children to memorize the alphabet, numbers, and also to read and counting.

“We are very grateful that in the implementation of Si-Ipar program today, more and more children are coming to learn. This is a very good news for us, it means that many children in the Puncak area are willing to study, “said Ipda Yan.

We hope that by routinely carrying out the Si-Ipar program, the children in Puncak Regency will become good at reading and counting.

“At the end of the activity we gave them books, pencils, and snacks in the hope that they would be more enthusiastic in learning,” concluded Ipda Yan.

Meanwhile, Head of the Public Relations of Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force, Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, said the Pi Ajar Police activity was a program of the Cartenz Peace Ops Community Development whose aim was to help educate children in the remote areas of Papua, especially in the field of education.

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