– Head of the Public Relations of the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Police, Commissioner Ariasandy, said they would anticipate public turmoil due to the increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM).

The NTT Regional Police together with the ranks of the Resort Police monitor and supervise the distribution of fuel to the community. The police and the government also educate the public about the government’s policy to increase fuel prices.

In fact, his party continues to tighten the supervision of fuel distribution to prevent the hoarding of subsidized fuel that is detrimental to the community. “We from the NTT Regional Police, together with the Regional Police, are monitoring the distribution of fuel and at the same time preventing the hoarding of subsidized fuel, because the government has provided a subsidy of fuel oil to ease the burden on the community,” said the Head of Public Relations.

To the individuals or parties who intentionally hoard the subsidized fuel, the police will take firm action according to applicable regulations.

Reportedly, the Government will increase the price of fuel oil, including Pertalite from Rp7,650 per liter to Rp10,000 per liter. The price of Pertamax from the original Rp12,500 to Rp16,000 per liter and the price of diesel from Rp5,500 to Rp8,500 per liter.

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