The Community Development Task Force of Bintang Mountains visited one of the community leaders of the Pulbingin Village, Okto Kalakmabin during their ‘Koteka’ program. This program was held by Ipda Jufri Rambu with his members on Tuesday (30/8/22).

In his visit, the Noken Community Development invited Okto Kalakmabin to jointly maintain public order and security. This effort is being intensified by the Noken Community Development due to many hoax that has been spreading around that could potentially caused social disturbances.

“Many news with unclear sources and facts are circulating in the community, so we remind them through this program regarding this, so that they are not easily provoked by the news,” said Ipda Jufri Rambu.

On the other hand, the Head of the Public Relations of Cartenz Peace Ops Task Force, Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa Kamal also confirmed what had been said. He also hopes that the public will not be easily provoked by the issue of hoax news whose sources are not clear.

“Through this activity, we remind the community to jointly guard the security and social order, if there are any unclear issues, please confirm with related parties such as security or village officials and even the Regency,” said Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa.

In addition, his party also said that through this activity, it is hoped that the relationship between the Police and the community will be maintained properly. In addition, the public can also submit their complaints to the officers so that they can be assisted in solving them.

“The Koteka program part of an effort to maintain the relationship and communication between the people and the police. In this program people can convey directly any issues to the police. Hopefully this service will provide many positive benefits for the community,” concluded the Head of Cartenz Peace Ops Public Relations.

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