To support the Si-in Program carried out by the Noken Community Development Task Force of Cartenz Peace Ops 2022, the Preventive Task Force of Cartenz Peace Ops in the Puncak area escorted home the children who had just went studying in Kago Village, Ilaga District, Puncak Regency, Tuesday (30 /07/2022).

The Task Force in the Puncak area led by Ipda Ade Hidayat routinely provides escort to children who want to go study and also when they went return home from Si-Ipar program held by personnel from Noken Community Development.

This was confirmed by the Regional Coordinator of Puncak Community Development, Ipda Yan A Wambraw, who also participated in the teaching and learning process in the Puncak District, Ilaga District.

“Not only in the activities of the Si-Ipar program, the moment of closeness between the Police and the Children of the Puncak Regency was also established from simple activities such as giving rides for children who wants to go study with the Noken Community Development Task Force,” said Yan.

The Head Of Cartenz Peace Ops Public Relations, Commissioner Ahmad Mustofa Kamal explained that the Police’s humanist approach is expected to touch the hearts of the people, so that the Papuans, especially people of Ilaga District, won’t be afraid with the police.

“This proves that the Police really supports the golden generation of Papua in their efforts to gain knowledge so that they can develop their region,” explained the Head of the Task Force Public Relations.

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