– The West Sulawesi Regional Police succeeded in uncovering 61 criminal cases by arresting 112 perpetrators during the Marano 2022 Community Disease Operation which lasted for two weeks from 16 to 28 August 2022.

“We have arrested a total of 112 perpetrators out of 61 criminal cases,” said Inspector General of Police, Verdianto Iskandar Bitticaca, Tuesday, (30/08/22)

The Head of the West Sulawesi Regional Police explained that the most criminal cases that were revealed in the implementation of Operation Pekat Marano 2022 were online gambling with 16 cases, then the circulation of liquor 14 cases, theft 12 cases, as well as abuse and robbery were 5 cases.

A total of four cases of motor vehicle theft, two cases of beatings, two cases of misuse of fuel oil, one case of illegal ownership of sharp weapons, one case of weighted theft, and one case of extortion.

The evidence confiscated in the disclosure of 61 criminal cases during Operation Pekat Marano 2022, are Rp37 million in cash, 47 mobile phones, 26 motorcycles, two cars, 1,237 liters of various types of liquor, one sharp weapon, nine chickens, and 1,084 liters of fuel.

Regarding the possibility of unscrupulous police personnel involved in criminal cases, the West Sulawesi Regional Police Chief emphasized that his party would take firm action in accordance with the rules that apply to these individuals without being biased.

“Please our colleagues in media, tell us if there is an officer involved in any violations. We will educate the personnel while also give them sanctions according to the applicable rules. If thye can’t be guided anymore, we’ll just fire them,” said the Two-Star General.

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