– The Indonesian National Police Strategic Studies Institute (Lemkapi) appreciates the Director of the Water and Air Police (Dirpolairud) of the Banten Police in securing the subsidized fuel mafia and eradicating the circulation of fish bombs.

Executive Director of Lemkapi, Edi Saputra Hasibuan, said that the successful of those investigation by the Banten Police should be appreciated.

Therefore, Lemkapi gave an award to the Director of Ditpolairud (Dirpolairud) Banten Police as an appreciation for their achievement who have worked professionally in their duties to protect and serve the community.

He also added that Banten Police should not be satisfied with their current achievements and should strive for more by continuing their improvement in their services to the community. “We ask the Banten Police to continue to improve their performance and services, as well as protect the public, so that they would be trusted more by the community,” said Edi on Thursday (11/08/2022).

Meanwhile, the Dirpolairud of the Banten Police, Commissioner Giuseppe Reinhard Gultom expressed his gratitude for the award.

“On behalf of the Banten Police Chief, I would like to thank Lemkapi for the award and appreciation of the disclosure of the subsidized fuel mafia case and eradicating the circulation of fish bombs,” said the Banten Police Dirpolairud.

“This award is of course will become our motivation to become better in serving the people, and that there will be no more other subsidized fuel mafia cases and the circulation of fish bombs in Banten,” continued the Banten Police Dirpolairud.

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