– The North Sumatra Police have named 11 suspects in the case of forest and land fires that have occurred recently. Friday (12/8/22).

The police chief said that by using satellites and applications that North Sumatra Police has, they found that there were 315 locations of wildfires. Hundreds of those locations were classified from low, middle and high. “We have upheld the law enforcement regarding these wildfires and from the process, now we have identified 11 suspects,” he explained.

Inspector General Panca Putra simanjuntak said that the 11 people came from various regions such as Toba, North Tapanuli, Samosir and others.

The Regional Police Chief said that the handling of wildfires must be done properly and together considering that this incident has occurred numerous times. “Wildfires can destroy our village, so we have to intensify our message regarding this issue to the people. All stakeholders involved must directly go to the field to patrol. We have to build an integrated handling mechanism,” he explained.

Inspector General Panca Putra simanjuntak emphasized that this fire was not an ordinary fire but was intended to clear land. Therefore, all parties must convey to the community that there are better ways to clear the land other than setting it to fire.

“Raising public awareness is the most important one that we have to do and preventive measures must be prioritized. We have to work together on this,” explained the police chief.

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