– Director of General Criminal Investigation (Dirkrimum) of South Sumatra Police, Commissioner Muhammad Anwar Nasir, appealed to the public to be more careful with online fraud.

In many cases, the perpetrators will send a WhatsApp message claiming to be from the operator or from the bank. “We appeal to the entire community to be more careful, whether it’s people claiming to be from the operator or the bank. Perpetrators usually tell victims to click on the messages they send,” said Commissioner Muhammad Anwar Nasir, Thursday (11/08/22).

According to Anwar, there are three ways to anticipate this, first by checking the perpetrator’s phone number using the get contact or other similar application. Second, by blocking and deleting the perpetrator’s number “even though they offer you various kinds of things, either money or something else,” implore Commissioner Muhammad Anwar Nasir.

Third, immediately contact the nearest police station so that the violations can be followed up.

Previously, the South Sumatra Police arrested three of the six perpetrators of online fraud masquerading themselves as the employees of a state-owned bank. The three perpetrators are Dwiki (21), Ripers (29), and Aldo (23).

The other three perpetrators are still on the hunt. In carrying out the action, the perpetrator sent a message link from WhatsApp to random victims. The message containing changes in transaction rates for a state-owned bank and in that message, the perpetrator includes a link. The victim is asked to send the OTP code to the perpetrator. From that link, the victim’s balance is transferred to a fake account that has been created by the perpetrators.

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