– The Community Development Task Force of the Tulang Bawang Police, carried out coaching and counseling activities for teachers.

This coaching activity took place at the Bujuk Agung 1 State Elementary School, Tulang Bawang Regency.

“Yesterday, I and four of Community Development personnel, along with two policewomen, carried out coaching activities for teachers of the Bujuk Agung 1 State Elementary School,” explained Community Development Chief Task Force, Iptu Harun, representing the Chief of the Tulang Bawang Police, AKBP Hujra Soumena, Friday (12/08/22).

This activity is a concrete effort by the Police in supporting the educational sectors. In their visit, they talked about the benefits and disadvantages of gadgets for children, as well as how to overcome gadget addiction in children.

“The use of gadgets for children is like two bladed sword. On the one hand, it provides many benefits for children’s development, but on the other hand it also has a harmful impact on character development,” added AKBP Hujra Soumena.

According to him, gadgets have several benefits that can support knowledge and prepare children to face the digital world. In addition, gadgets also increase children’s motivation and interest in learning.

While the negative impact, it can inhibit children’s motoric development, inhibit children’s language and social development, cause behavioral problems, and cause physical health problems.

In order to overcome gadget addiction in children, his entourage gave some tips to teachers and parents that they could apply at home.

“Parents could make rules on the use, distract children, limit access to gadget use, provide alternative games, tought them to be disciplined, and spend more time with them,” said the Head of Tulang Bawang Police Community Development Task Force.

On this occasion, they also conveyed that students should avoid juvenile delinquency, motorcycle gangs, drugs, and also motivate them to be more active in learning.

This coaching activity was attended by 74 people consisting of two elementary school supervisors, 18 elementary school principals in the Banjar Margo district, 18 assistant teacher councils, and 36 representatives of elementary school students throughout the Banjar Margo district.

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