– West Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Teddy Minahasa Putra stated firmly that since August 1, 2022, he has ordered all ranks in the West Sumatra Regional Police to enforce the law as firm as possible against gambling.

“Either its online gambling, or other manual gambling such as lottery. Thank God, for 12 days there have been 74 arrests for gambling in West Sumatra, “explained the Police Chief, Friday (12/8/22).

Inspector General Teddy Minahasa Putra said that his party is intensifying the arrest of gamblers because it is very detrimental to the community and is prohibited by law. Not only that, religion also prohibits gambling, and even in Minangkabau culture, the Basandi Syara’, Syara’ Basandi Kitabullah philosophy also prohibits practice of gambling.

“If people are addicted to gambling, they will definitely be curious and will definitely expect a big win. Gambling could also cause them lazy to go or get a job. If their money runs out, often times they would end up resort to criminal action, and this is what we want to avoid,” explained the Police Chief.

The Regional Police Chief hopes for the cooperation of all parties in eradicating gambling practices in his jurisdiction. In addition, he also asks the participation of media partners to voice and publicize that the West Sumatra Regional Police declare war on all forms of gambling in West Sumatra. “I will also take strict action to elements or members who are involved in backing gambling. I won’t tolerate it even if it’s my own men,” he explained.

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