– The Indonesian Police Institute for Strategic Studies (Lemkapi) gave an award to the Director of Drug Investigation of Banten Police, Commissioner Suhermanto and the Head of the Narcotics Unit of the Serang Police, AKP. Michael Kharisma Tandayu for their achievement in revealing a three hectare of cannabis field in Cot Rawatu Hamlet, Kurung Village, Sawang District, North Aceh Regency on Sunday (28/08).

The Executive Director of Lemkapi, Edi Saputra Hasibuan, gave the Presisi Award and expressed his appreciation to the Directorate of Drug Investigation of Banten Police and the Narcotics Unit of the Serang Police. “I commend the Banten Police Directorate of Drug Investigation and the Narcotics Unit of Serang Police for their hard work in uncovering and destroying the three hectare marijuana field in North Aceh.”

“This reveal should be appreciated considering that the eradication drugs has become the attention of the National Police Chief and Banten Police Chief,” said the Executive Director of Lemkapi.

According to Edi Hasibuan, the disclosures were not easy. “Uncovering a three hectare cannabis field worth 45 billion is not an easy job. We believe that the quick work of the Banten Police and its staff has saved millions of people from the dangers of drugs,” he said.

In the end, the Executive Director of Lemkapi revealed that his party would monitoring all forms of performance carried out by the ranks of the Indonesian National Police wherever they served.

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