– The Traffic Accident Analysis (TAA) Unit of the Sub-Directorate Law Enforcement of Metro Jaya Police Traffic Directorate investigates the location of the fatal truck accident, at Sultan Agung Street, Kota Baru, West Bekasi, Bekasi City, on Thursday (1/9/ 2022).

There are three personnel on standby. During the investigation, officers measure the location while also marked the location with spray paint.

Meanwhile, wreaths of flowers were seen in front of the fences of Kota Baru II and III Kota Baru Elementary Schools.

“We, from the TAA Metro Jaya Police team, along with the investigators of the Bekasi Metropolitan Police’s accident unit were conducting an investigation at the crime scene for the accident that occurred yesterday afternoon. Apart from taking measurements, we also carried out video capture activities using a 3D scanner,” said Commissioner Edy Purwanto.

“With this tool, there will be a reconstruction video. The we can see the condition before, during, and after the traffic accident. Then we also take 8 video shooting points for this 3D scener, where each point has a distance of 15 meters away,” he said.

He said the analysis video would be processed for atleast a day before the chronology of events became clearer. “For the time being, after taking this video, we will process it first through a new application. Later we can clear look the incident chronologically. The process took atleast a day,” he said.

Furthermore, the video analysis will also be used as supporting material during the trial. “This video is also a supporting material during the court hearing. It will describe the chronology of the traffic accident,” he said.

Previously, the incident crashed a pole and hit 30 people. Of the 30 victims, 20 of them were students of Kota Baru II and III West Bekasi who were about to return home, and seven of them died.

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