–  The North Kalimantan Police Special Criminal Investigation Directorate has named a suspect related to the alleged corruption of the Malinau – Mansalong Waterway Revitalization project, Nunukan Regency for the 2021 Fiscal Year. The suspect is the Commitment Making Officer with the initials of AMN.

“Based on the results of the examination of witnesses and the findings of the search, on Wednesday (31/8) an open case was held and it was found that there was sufficient evidence and the existence of illegal acts done by the suspect, both formal and material, so that the Commitment Making Officer with the initials AMN was named a suspect,” said Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of North Kalimantan Police, Commissioner Hendi F Kurniawan, Thursday, (01/09/22)

The Malinau – Mansalong Waterway Revitalization Project, Nunukan Regency for Fiscal Year 2021, was carried out by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.

The channel revitalization activities include the revitalization of the water channel with a budget ceiling value of Rp7,639,880,000,-.

“From the budget, there is the potential for state losses of Rp4 billion,” said Commissioner Hendi F Kurniawan.

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