–  East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Police Chief Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Setyo Budiyanto, S.H., M.H., will take firm action against the hoarding of fuel, Wednesday (31/08/22).

Even the NTT Regional Police through the Director of Operations, together with the Head of the Resort Police, will hold open and closed operations to supervise the distribution of subsidized fuel. This is because the government only provides subsidized fuel for the poor.

“The government has provided subsidized fuel so that the underprivileged can use it at a cheaper price, thus the distribution must be right on target, and we will oversee the distribution of subsidized fuel for the community and prevent the misuse and hoarding of fuel by unscrupulous businessmen, and a group of irresponsible people,” said NTT Police Chief.

If there is rally when the fuel price increases from community groups, his party asks to do it in a polite and responsible manner. “We respect every aspiration of the community towards the increase in fuel prices, and we ask that they be conveyed in a polite and responsible manner, as well as understand the purpose of the government to increase fuel prices,” said Inspector General Setyo Budiyanto.

The NTT Police Chief also asked the community support so that, together with the police, they could supervise the distribution of subsidized fuel accordingly and right on the target.

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