– Jufester Desimson Nalle, known as Juna, has become the victim of assault by his friend after getting drunk in Oepura District, Maulafa Regency.

The perpetrator, Hanis Selan or known as Hansen, reported fleeing after stabbing his friend.

The Maulafa Police then immediately inspects the crime scene, investigate the case, and securing the evidence. The police then managed to arrest the suspect, not far from the crime scene.

Currently Hanis Selan has been identified as the suspect and have been secured in Maulafa Police HQ Prison to account for his action.

The Head of Maulafa Police Chief, AKP Antonius, explained that the victim suffered a serious injury in his waist after being stabbed by his friend.

After being assaulted, Juna suffered a heavy bleeding and the witnesses immediately tried to save him by bringing him to Leona Kupang Hospital to receive medical attention.

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