– A youth from Ciamis was assaulted with a sharp weapon because of using loud exhaust and riding recklessly in the road. This incident happened in Pamarican, Ciamis Regency, West Java.

It was reported that he was attacked because the suspect was annoyed by the victim who undervalued the safety in driving.

Quoted from NTMC Polri, who revealed the case to the public, it was reported that there was an assault to a youngster in Ciamis, causing the victim suffering a heavy injury.

The Ciamis Police Chief, AKBP Tony Prasetyo Yudhangkoro, revealed the motive of the assaulted, which he said that the suspect was annoyed by the victim who often disturbs the community with his loud exhaust. The incident happened on September 4th, 2022, midnight.

The chronology of the incident began when the victim is driving his bike. Suddenly there was a person, the suspect, who chased the victim and attacked the victim with a sharp weapon, mid-driving.

“The suspect chased the victim and slashed the victim with a sharp weapon. The victim suffered a heavy injury,” said AKBP Tony Prasetyo Yudhangkoro.

Due to this incident, the victim have a wound in his back and his head. After receiving medical attention, the victim was then able to go home.

The Ciamis Police Chief adds that the suspect did it alone and there was no motive of robbery, proven by the victim’s belonging that is not gone missing.

AKBP Tony Prasetyo then remind the people that loud exhaust could really disturb the community. He also stressed that his party would act firmly against the use of loud exhaust.

This case will thoroughly be developed so tha

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