– The Head of West Java Police, Inspector General Suntana, stated that he will not hesitate to punish his personnel, either disciplinary punishment to demotion in office.

He stated that those punishment will be given to his personnel who violates the rules, such as abusing their authority, committing unlawful act, extortion, and harming the community.

“I remind to all personnel to carry out your duty in accordance to the procudure and not commit any unlawful act, such as extortion or harming the general community. If I found out any members do any of those, we will give them strict sanctions such as detention and demotion,” stressed West Java Police Chief.

He adds that in handling the situations in the traffic and in the toll roads, he suggest the personnel to prioritize humanist and polite approach.

He also encouraged his personnel to improve their best performance to the community and carry out their duty accordingly, both in office and on the field.

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