–  Police secured four suspects of assault against EYW (26) at Bunga Lili street, Bintaro, Pesanggarahan, Jakarta Selatan. It was discovered that the motive behind the assault is vengeance.

The Head of General Information of Metro Jaya Police, Commissioner M Hari Agung Julianto stated that the intention of the perpetrators in assaulting EYW was to resolve the matter with his own hand. The suspects have the initials of NP (19), AMK (20), MHR (19), and AB (21). AB previously had a romantic relationship with EYW.

The reason behind their vengeance was because EYW was about to spread the pictures and videos of AB with several men to AB’s parents. EYW got the pictures and videos from AB when they were still in relationship.

To prevent this, AB asked EYW to meet, to talk, and EYW agreed. EYW came with his friend, Kelvin.

However, when EYW and AB met at the location, suddenly three other suspects came out and immediately assault the victim with a hammer and sharp weapon. “Suddenly from behind AB, came three other suspects who pointed their weapon to EYW and the witness, Kelvin,” said Commissioner M Hari Agung.

The police came to know the incident after Kelvin reported the case. Police also stated that Kelvin knows AB too.

The police then processed the case and arrested the suspects in different locations. “After we got that report, Team Operational II searched AB,” said Commissioner Hari.

After being secured, the suspect could be charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code and threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years.

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