– The Head of Human Resources of Kuningan Police, Commissioner Setiyana, stated that the Trauma Healing unit that has been deployed to Cianjur continue to give their best in servicing the people. Various activities have been conducted to heal the traumas of the earthquake victims in Cianjur, particularly the children. One of those activities is by distributing the aids that have been sent to Cianjur.

“Today, their main focus is distributing the aids to the refugees of Cianjur,” said Commissioner Setiyana, Thursday (12/1).

He adds that they have also build emergency tents at the location as an evacuation post and also have provided foods to the refugees.

“The volunteers from various institution, not from our Trauma Healing Unit, have distributed this aids so that it could be soon received and used by the refugees at the evacuation posts, knowing that this aids should be immediately distributed evenly throughout Cianjur to maintain security and order in the region,” he said.

He then says that the Trauma Healing personnel will always be ready until the situation at the location returns to normal and its people can go back to live their daily lives.

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