–  Cianjur Police Chief Oversees the Search Effort in Cianjur

The Head of Cianjur Police, AKBP Doni Hermawan, monitors the landslide handling at Cianjur Regency, accompanied by District Military Commander Jabar Jumaril and the company.

“We are working as best as we can to find the victims that are still missing. To all people we ask for your pray so that our search will bear a satisfying result,” said Cianjur Police Chief, Saturday (13/3).

In his monitor, Cianjur Police Chief oversees the search of the eleven mising peopl ats two lamdslide location, first at Warung Sate Sinta and second at Cijedil.

“We asked for those of you who still have a missing family member to immediately report them to the Missing Post to accelerate our search,” he said.

For the challenges during the search, they said that the downpour and difficult trail hampers their effort in their search.

“The search effort in Cugenang still continues. We will deploy additional tools and equipment to accelerate our search,” he said in his conclusion.

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