Oil and Gas Downstream Regulatory Agency (BPH Migas) in collaboration with the Indonesian National Police (INP) Criminal Investigation Agency was able to confiscate 1.4 million liters of misused subsidized fuel in as many as 786 cases of criminal cases throughout 2022.

Head of BPH Migas Erika Retnowati said that the number of disclosures by the INP Criminal Investigation Agency was significant. Based on BPH Migas expert information, the total amount of the confiscated misused subsidized fuel reached 1.422.263 liters.

“As for the 1.4 million liters of subsidized fuel confiscated, the most dominant is the type of subsidized diesel. Many cases were disclosed based on public complaints,” she explained in a press conference on Law Enforcement on the Misused of Subsidized Fuel in 2022 as a result of cooperation between BPH Migas and the INP at the BPH Migas Office in Jakarta on Tuesday (3/1/23).

She added that there were a number of of arrests made in cases using diverse modus operandi. One of them is the so-called ‘helicopter’ mode, referring to the operation of a car to collect subsidized fuel by going in and out of gas stations. After doing so, the perpetrators changed the license plate of the car they use and then return to refuel at the same gas station.

“There is also a modus operandi of modifying the fuel tank. The perpetrators of this mode also change the license plate, or go around several gas stations collecting subsidized diesel fuel and then put it somewhere,” she explained.

Head of INP Criminal Investigation Board Police Commissioner General Agus Andrianto said that the role of the community has been very important to provide information on the fuel distribution irregularities. With the power of social media nowadays, he urged the public to use it for a greater good.

“If the public sees it (fuel misuse), we urge anyone to post it on social media. We will follow it up,” he concluded.


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