inp.polri.go.idJakarta Indonesian National Police (INP) Traffic Corps introduced its plan to replace conventional electronic vehicle ownership documents (BPKB) into electronic ones this year

Director of Registration and Identification of the INP Traffic Corps Police Brigadier General Yusri Yunus explained that the preparation for the conversion has been on-going.

“We are planning it, it has to go through auction before we make it. Similar to building a house (that requires a process), is it possible to fully complete it in January? I am planning it at present,” he said as quoted by NTMC Polri as saying (01/01/23).

He said that the electronic BKPB would be fitted with a chip, similar to that of an electronic passport. The chip functions to, among other things, store vehicle data to ease access.

The general hinted that the electronic BPKB would be in the form of a book, resembling a conventional passport. The difference would be the logo of the chip on its cover.

“Just like that in the chip of an electronic passport, we may know its contents, the documents, the owner, (the owner’s) address,whether or not the owner has gone abroad, and somewhere else,” he concluded.


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