Jakarta. Deputy Chief of the Presisi Command Center of the Indonesian National Police (INP) Senior Superintendent Dr. Indarto revealed on Tuesday (31/1/2023) the development of CCTV systems equipped with face recognition technology to identify fugitives or individuals on the list of the INP wanted persons (DPO) in all Regional Police Offices.  

“It will be implemented throughout the regional police offices, but not in the near future due to its high cost. Instead, its implementation priority will be the high-security level,” he explained during a public discussion in Jakarta.

INP has been considered successful in installing the technological system in the Bali Police Office, which had made use of it during the G20 Summit last year.

The deputy chief added that the system is connected to a central data center called 91 Command Center, which has been evaluated by a United Nations representative as a pilot to set a global standard.

“For instance, in Bali, when we input the data of DPO linked to terrorism, all of the CCTV systems were able to detect their faces. When the match accuracy exceeds 60%, a surveillance team will then take action. That’s the standard,” he said.


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