– Jakarta. The Indonesian National Police (INP) and the Indonesian Military is scheduled to convene for the 2023 Leadership Meeting on Tuesday (8/2/23) at the Sultan Hotel in Jakarta to delve into various matters related to the key responsibilities and functions of both institutions, with a particular emphasis on the security arrangements for the 2024 Elections.

Head Of Public Relation Division of the INP Inspector General Prof. Dr. Dedi Prasetyo highlighted the significance of the meeting, stating that the meeting is also set to discuss the INP’s support for the 2023 national strategic agenda. 

“We will be covering important topics such as security for the 2024 Elections and the protection of national strategic initiatives, including investments, economic growth, national and international events, and ensuring stability in terms of security,” he explained.

Along with Chief of the INP, the meeting was scheduled to be attended by senior officials from the INP Headquarters, high-ranking officers both within and outside the INP structure, Regional Police Chiefs, and the Head of Operations Bureau. President Joko Widodo was scheduled to deliver briefings and guidance during the meeting.

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