– Jayapura. President Joko Widodo led a limited meeting in Papua with the Indonesian National Police (INP), the Indonesian Military, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the Regional Leadership Communication Forum, and other stakeholders on Monday (20/3/23).

The meeting was as an opportunity for the President to get direct information about the progress of all programs implemented in the region, according to Chief of the INP General Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

“Today I and the Indonesian Military Commander, the Chief of Papua Regional Police, the Regional Military Commander, as well as the Chief of the State Intelligence Agency and the Executive Office of the President attended a limited meeting to get direct information about the progress of the implementation of programs here,” he said.

During the meeting, the President gave several directives, including integrating programs between the central and regional governments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration of all stakeholders to reach a common goal.

The president raised the need for harmony of the programs to improve the welfare in the Papua region. The Chief of INP said the INP and Indonesian Military are committed to oversee the implementation of government policies and program for the betterment of Papua.

Indonesian Military Commander Admiral Yudo Margono reiterated the Indonesian Military’s commitment to support the INP in carrying out law enforcement operations.

“The Indonesian Military has been assisting the INP in Papua. The deployment of troops, including organic and external units, remains unchanged. We are assisting INP to enforce the law and to protect the land and sea borders,” the Commander said.

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