– Tangerang. Joint investigators from the Criminal Investigation Board of the Indonesian National Police (INP), Central Java Regional Police, Banten Regional Police, and Customs and Excise dismantled ecstasy factories in the Tangerang and Semarang areas.

“At the time of this disclosure there was already production, it had only been producing for two days, so steps were taken to prevent it from reaching the market,” explained the Head of Criminal Investigation Board, Police Commissioner General Agus Andrianto in a press conference, Friday (2/6/23).

Meanwhile, the Director of Drug Crime of the Criminal Investigation Board, Police Brigadier General. Mukti Juhansa added that this case was revealed after the investigation team received information that there was a tablet printing machine and chemicals from abroad. Later, it was discovered that the shipment was intended for ecstasy factories in Tangerang and Semarang, where four concoctions were employed.

“We have secured two suspects in Tangerang on behalf of TH bin U and N bin I. Then, in Semarang, MR and ARD were arrested. They are cooks and printers of ecstasy tablets,” he said.

Police Brigadier General Mukti Juhansa said, for production in Tangerang, the suspects admitted that they were ordered by someone with the initials B who had been named a DPO (Wanted Person List). Meanwhile, the suspect in Semarang also admitted that he was ordered by someone with the initials K who is still being chased.

As a result of this disclosure, investigators confiscated 25,000 ecstasy pills; 1,000 ecstasy capsules; 1,380 ecstasy in the clip; and chemicals commonly used for production. While in Semarang, investigators seized 9,517 orange ecstasies; 593 yellow-green ecstasies; 300 dark green ecstasy: and chemicals for production.

As a result of their actions, the suspects were also charged with Article 114 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph 1 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics and Article 112 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph 1 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 35 of 2009.

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