– Jakarta. President Joko Widodo inaugurated the 2nd Kretek Bridge which crosses the Opak River and connects Tirtohargo Village with Parangtritis Village in Kretek District, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Friday (2/6/23).

“By saying Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, this morning I inaugurate the Kretek 2 Bridge in Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta,” said President Jokowi, quoted from Antaranews, Friday (2/6/23).

The President said the Kretek 2 Bridge, which is above the Opak River, has a length of 556 meters with four lanes. It was built by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (KemenPUPR) with a budget of IDR 364 billion.

“This is the Southern cross route, what we know in Banten Province is 100 percent completed, in West Java Province it has been completed 100 percent, in Central Java it has been completed, in DIY it is a little lacking, God willing, it will be completed,” he explained.

President Jokowi added that on the DIY route, the construction is 14 kilometers short, then in East Java, it is still 24 kilometers short.

“And God willing, we will finish it this year. We hope that with the three existing routes on the island of Java, the South, Central, and North, the logistics will run smoothly, and the competitiveness of existing products will be even better,” he explained.

The President explained that the government has continued accelerating infrastructure development in toll roads, bridges, dams, ports, airports, and other infrastructure in the past seven years.

“This is to help the community overcome various problems related to competitiveness, accelerating the economy in the regions, and equitable development,” he explained.

(rz/hn/um) | Indonesian National Police