– Jakarta. The heat of the drought presents various challenges, one of which are wildfires. Unfortunately, some of the cases were caused by human error.

In facing the wildfire challenge Mojoroto Sector Police Chief, Commissioner Muhlason, by going directly to rice fields and sugar cane plantations.

“Because there are often fire incident at sugar cane plantations, either the plantations that has been harvested or not. We would like to remind the local community that dry leaves are potent to wildfires,” said Muhlason on Wednesday (9/20/2023).

Muhlason explained that preventive measures are the key to overcome wildfire challenges. Other than disseminating fruitful reminders, police also deployed around the fields and plantations.

One of the patrol activities is conducted by Second Police Inspector Adjutant Sodik. In his patrol activity, Sodik conveys meritorious message by reminding farmers not to light a fire or burn anything after sugar cane harvest.

During his patrol, Sodik also visit the harvested and the unharvested plantations while providing knowledges regarding the dangers of wildfire.

“In accordance to the direction given from the high officials, I convey this appeal to the community, including farmers, to suppress the numbers of wildfire,” said Sodik while visiting one of the plantations.

He truly hoped that his visit could mean something and able to provide something useful for the community while trying to suppress and prevent the wildfires.

(ad/ta/pr/nm) | Indonesian National Police