– Kuala Lumpur. The Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur underscores the importance of clear communication to educate the Indonesian public about the recent Malaysia’s move to eliminate the mandatory death penalty, aiming to prevent any misunderstandings.

During a virtual discussion on Thursday (21/9/2021), Hermono, the Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia, stressed that both the government and civil society share the responsibility for this task.

He explained that the Malaysian government has recently amended its laws concerning the death penalty and life imprisonment. These changes no longer enforce mandatory sentences but instead allow convicts to request a sentence review, potentially leading to reduced penalties. However, it’s crucial to understand that the final decision still rests with the judges .

Therefore, it isessential for both the government and civil society to engage in public outreach and provide information about these amendments, he said as reported by This will ensure that there are no misconceptions and that people don’t mistakenly believe that the government isn’t taking this matter seriously.

“We hope that civil society can also play a role in educating the public, clarifying that not everyone will be automatically released, explaining the process, and more,” Ambassador Hermono said, advising civil society not to pressure the government if they don’t fully grasp the nuances of the removal of the mandatory death penalty. (mg/inp/pr/nm) | Indonesian National Police