– Jakarta. DKI Jakarta Education Service Chief, Purwosusilo implores the teachers to maintain their neutrality on 2024 Elections and guide their students to be a wise voter.

“To all State Employee teachers, please maintain your neutrality. State Employees are prohibited to be involved in political practice,” says Purwosusilo quoted from ANTARA on Monday (10/2/2023).

He says that teachers should not politically influenced their students. As voters, students have the rights to choose their choice freely.

Teachers main priority is to provide guidance for students to be a wise voter and stressed the importance in participating in 2024 Elections.

Educations regarding political rights, including in elections, has been provided by teachers to students at lowest level through the learning of democracy.

“In Pancasila subject learning, teachers teach their students about democracy,” says Purwosusilo.

He also urged all teachers to optimize their teachings on democracy, particularly ahead 2024 Elections, which in turn would made the community realize the importance of actively participate on 2024 Elections.

Moreover, Purwosusilo says that there are several parties that has a vital role in providing political education, such as National Unity and Politics Agency (Kesbangpol) as the government representatives in representing national unity and domestic politics.

“Then there are also parties who tells our children to be a wise voter,” conclude Purwosusilo

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