– Jakarta. The Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) reminds election participants to not campaign during the election quiet period, offline and online.

Lolly Suhenty, Bawaslu member states that her party have dispatched cyber patrols to actively monitor the accounts registered by campaign teams, including candidates personal account. The patrol is to ensure no campaign activities in social media during the quiet period.

“Other than that, we also want to ensure those social media accounts are not doing any harmful actions such as inciting, slandering, or pitting against each other. We have ITE law and it is within our authority to uphold the law against those criminal actions,” explains Lolly on Monday (2/12/2024).

She states that in monitoring activities in social media, Bawaslu is collaborating with the Communication and Informatics Ministry.

Moreover, Lolly also warned election members to not offer any money or aids to people during election quiet period and voting day as money politics is not welcomed in election.

“We all know that on Article 523 paragraph 2 regarding of Election Law for the quiet period, there are four years of imprisonment and a fine of IDR 48 million awaits those who violates the law,” said Lolly.

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