– Jakarta. Head of the Indonesian National Police (INP) Security Maintenance Agency, Commissioner General Fadil Imran welcomes the visit of PDIP Politician Henry Yosodiningrat on Monday (2/12/2024).

Report says that the visit of Henry Yoso was to clarify his statement which accuses INP Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo of supporting one of the presidential candidates. Fadil saw that the visit of Henry to INP HQ as part of public attention and concern towards INP.

“I want to convey my gratitude for all the suggestions given to the INP. On this opportunity, we also want reaffirmed that we are not anti-critique and obviously we will evaluate and considers all suggestions given to us in further improving our service,” says Fadil at his office on Monday (2/12/2024).

“Secondly, I also want to implore the general public to not be swayed by information from unreliable sources or hoaxes,” Fadil adds.

On the other hand, Henry says that he came to the INP HQ at his own will. He clarified that he saw the scandalous statement in social media. Statement that says there are instructions to all Community Development Directors to support one of the presidential candidates.

“I intentionally came here to ask for a clarification regarding the statement that went viral on February 9th, a statement that says there was special instruction from INP Chief to Community Development Directors throughout the country,” said Henry.

Follwoing his visit, Henry confirms that there was no special instruction from the INP Chief at all. Henry also adds that his previous statement only demonstrates his love for the country more than himself, and his concern and attention to the INP.

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