– Jakarta. The General Election Commission (KPU) says will contact Jeddah Overseas Election Committee (PPLN) regarding the allegations of damaged ballots in Saudi Arabia.

“We are about to contact Jeddah PPLN to ask for more information regarding the video that has gone viral in X,” said KPU member Idham Holik referencing the viral video exposing unused ballots already voted for one of the presidential candidates.

KPU explains that voters could asked for another ballot if the paper received is damaged or already marked as was regulated in the voting regulations.

“He should have asked for another ballots to PPLN staffs. The question for now is where was the video taken, was it in Overseas Polling Stations or in Mobile Ballot Box,” said Idham Holik.

According to him, Bawaslu will further process the violation allegation as the voting recapitulation is within the authority of Bawaslu.

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