– Jakarta. Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin urged Indonesia to hasten the development of a new Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine at the 37th Stop TB Partnership (STP) Board Meeting in Brasilia, Brazil, citing its potential for cost-effective health protection, easing economic burdens from healthcare costs and productivity loss.

“To achieve the TB elimination goal by 2030, we need to develop a vaccine within 3 years, aiming for implementation by 2028. Vaccine development must be prioritized,” he emphasized.

He also called on G20 nations to invest in new TB vaccine research. While the current BCG vaccine offers partial protection for infants and children, it falls short in overall TB prevention. Therefore, he aims for swift access to a new TB vaccine in Indonesia

“Developing an effective TB vaccine is crucial for achieving a 90% decrease in TB cases, a 95% decline in TB-related deaths, and controlling the spread of drug-resistant TB,” he emphasized.

Several TB vaccine candidates currently in development show promise in preventing TB in both children and adults.

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