– Jakarta. The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Regional Police reinforces security measures at 95 vulnerable polling stations ahead of the general elections.

“The security force reinforcement at TPS is confirmed. However, the police chief conducts an on-ground assessment,” said Police Senior Superintendent Abu Bakar Tertusi, NTB Regional Police’s Chief of Operational Bureau, on Sunday (11/02/2024).

He emphasized that all 95 highly vulnerable polling stations are located on Sumbawa Island, spanning Sumbawa Regency, Dompu, and Bima Regency, with the classification based on various factors beyond territorial issues.

“These polling stations are classified as highly vulnerable due to their remote and inaccessible locations, with some having a history of conflicts during the 2019 Presidential Elections,” he elaborated.

The NTB Regional Police have deployed 7,385 personnel for the 2024 Elections, including members from the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) and sub-regional police offices.

“Personnel assigned to Sumbawa Island will depart two days before the elections, including teams from the Samapta and Brimob units. Meanwhile, BKO [assigned personnel] units in the five sub-regional police in Lombok will depart one day before,” he said.

Chief Tertusi said that each TPS will have 1,780 security personnel, along with 322 Samapta personnel deployed to each sub-regional police. He concluded by urging sub-regional police offices to reinforce security as directed by the INP Headquarters.

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