– Papua. Papua Cultural Figure Max Ohe invites people of Papua to not be provoked with the election boycott threat. Max emphasized that the election is an important national and regional event to develop Papua.

Max also told that the 2024 General Election is participated by many Papuans, from old to young, men and women, who runs for legislative candidacy. He also states that it is important to appreciates them who runs for legislative and believe they would represent Papua in central government to develop the province.

Furthermore, Max Ohe adds that the groups or parties who threatens the General Election through boycott would only harm Papuans and urge people not to be provoked by them.

Responding to the election threat potentials, Papua Regional Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri informs that his party have held various activities for the 2023-2024 cooling system program. The various programs act as means to build unity and harmony, also maintaining the election to go safely without any negative polarization.

Mathius stressed that the activities were to also prevent the spread of hoax, polarization, and black campaign which could harm the smooth election.

“The commitment in maintaining stability, unity, and order of 2024 General Election in Papua must be uphold by all of us,” said Mathius in conclusion.

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