– Papua. Papua Regional Police assigned their 30 personnel to Jayapura Sub-regional Police ahead the voting day on February 14th, 2024. The reinforcement aims to backed up the reserve force in Jayapura to anticipate potential dangers.

Jayapura Sub-regional Police Chief, Superintendent Fredrickus WA Maclarimboen says that since the beginning of quiet period on Sunday, February 11th, 2024, to the voting day, his party has prepared 577 personnel.

“They will be assigned for security on the voting day to the vote recapitulation at 568 polling stations in 139 villages and five districts,” revealed Fredrickus. He adds that other 100 personnel will be on standby.

Ahead the voting day, Fredrickus also noted that his forces will be reinforced with a troop of one company from the Mobile Brigade Indonesian National Police.

“They were already here in Jayapura since December 2023 to backed up our forces in election security,” said Fredrickus.

Moreover, Fredrickus says that his members have helped distributing the election logistics since the first day of quiet period to four districts, such as Yapsi, Kaureh, Airu and Waibu District.

“We hoped that personnel could carried out their duties well and without troubles until the recapitulation day later,” said Fredrickus in his closing statement.

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