– Jakarta. The Presidential Special Staff of Millenials, Billy Mambrasar asked each presidential candidates to respect the quiet period

“As we all know the election contestations should be over on February 10th. And now we are on quiet period until February 14th,” said Billy quoted from RRI on Senin (2/12/2024).

Billy admits that as of now the situation generally is going accordingly and his party appreciates political parties who respects the quiet period.

However, Billy also acknowledged there are still parties who still campaign covertly during the quiet period. “Let’s just think positively,” said Billy giving the benefit of doubts.

Furthermore, Billy urged the people to stay aware with the provocations and whispers that could harm state democracy.

“We have to think critically in maintaining the narration of peaceful election,” said Billy.

Moreover, Billy also reminds political parties to avoid money politics on quiet period and urged campaign teams to not commit any practice that harms national democracy.

“You are urged to restrain yourself and to comply with the applicable rules,” reminds Billy to political parties and campaign teams. Billy hopes that by the end of the election, a new government would be formed and further lead Indonesia to a better future.

“We are now seen as capable state by the world. Our development is quite significant over the past years. And in this 2024 General Election, it will be a historical moment for Indonesia as we continue to soar higher,” conclude Billy.

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