– Oksibil. Ensuring the preparation for the 2024 general elections in Bintang Mountains Regency, Superintendent Mohamad Dafi Bastomi, the Chief of Bintang Mountains Sub-regional Police., led the deployment parade for the final security personnel check at the polling stations on Monday (12/2/2024).

The event was attended by Chief of the Human Resource Welfare Unit from the Personnel Bureau of the Papua Regional Police, Superintendent Adi Tri Widianto, the Commanding Officer of the Indonesian-Papua New Guinea Static Border Task Force Battalion Yonif310/KK, Lieutenant Colonel  Andrik Fahrizal, Mobile Brigade Operation Peace Cartenz-2024 Task Force personnel, and officers involved in Operation Mantab Brata Cartenz.

Chief  Dafi told the troops to pay close attention to important aspects during the polling stations security operations, maintain ethics, and avoid becoming triggers for issues.

He reiterated the importance of adhering to the rules during the voting process.

“The logistics for the 2024 elections in Bintang Mountains Regency are currently prepared at the General Election Office Office, therefore, they will be shifted, and all personnel must be ready to carry out their duties,” he said.

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