– Jakarta. The Indonesian National Police (INP) has begun deploying personnel to secure polling stations  ahead of the voting day on 14 February  2024, with a total of 195,819 personnel mobilized across the country.

Chief of INP’s Public Relations Division Inspector General Sandi Nugroho said that police forces nationwide have been preparing to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of the 2024 elections, reported.

“Our officers in the field are actively engaged in preparing polling stations security, ensuring the logistics have arrived, and creating a conducive environment,” he said.

The INP  divided security operations across Indonesia, with responsible officers ranging from senior superintendent level to two-star generals assigned to each regional unit. This allows for efficient monitoring of developments in each area, including any visits by the INP Chief to the polling stations, he said

Chief Sandi emphasized that there has been no additional police personnel added for election security. The personnel involved are part of Operation Mantap Brata 2024, which aims to secure the elections.

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